After some types of retinal surgery, you need to keep your head in a face-down position. This is because a gas bubble has been put in your eye. Recovering with your head down allows the bubble to float into the correct position. The bubble holds the retina in place to heal correctly.

Your doctor will tell you how long you need to stay face down. It could be anywhere from a few days to a weeks.  Over time, your eye fills with its own fluid, and the gas bubble disappears.  

This means staying face down when you stand, sit, eat, walk, and sleep is very important. To stay safe, you should have someone with you when you walk around

Please browse the special equipment we carry that can help make it easier to stay face down or sideways: 

    • Face-down chairs. These can adjust to provide support for your head and neck while you sit.
    • Tabletop face cradles. These allow you to keep your hands free while sitting at the table.
    • Face-down pillows. These have a space cut out for your face to help you sleep more comfortably.
    • Face-down mirrors / glasses. These are angled to let you see people or objects in front of you. That way you can watch TV or speak directly with visitors.

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